I-581 Elm Avenue Interchange Improvements

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) implemented improvements to the intersection of Elm Avenue and Interstate 581 which included widening of ramps on and off of I-581 to develop an additional turn lane at the intersections with Elm Avenue and the extension of the left turn lanes in each direction on Elm Avenue. The improvements also required widening and replacement of the existing Elm Avenue Bridge over I-581 and the existing bridge over the Norfolk Southern Corporation railroad. One mechanically stabilized earth wall and two retaining walls were constructed to facilitate the new roadway and bridge designs.

The following geotechnical services were provided by F&R for the project:

  • Analyzing and developing foundation support recommendations for the widened sections of both bridges in accordance with AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications – design included shallow foundations, driven vertical and battered piles, and drilled shafts;
  • Analyzing and developing recommendations for flexible pavement design of multiple roadways for design traffic volumes ranging from 1,900 to 82,000 vehicles per day;
  • Providing recommendations in accordance with VDOT requirements for embankments/slopes and minor structures, and construction activities anticipated on the project.

Following completion of the final design, F&R was engaged to provide the required QC field and laboratory inspection and testing services required by VDOT specifications. These services included drilled shaft and H pile inspection, soils for compacted fill used to develop the final grades, as well as concrete testing that included reinforcing steel, slump, air content, temperature, unit weight, compressive strength test specimens, and chloride permeability. Metals/NDT services were also required for the erection of structural steel on the bridges.