JMU Grace Street Student Housing

The Grace Street Student Housing project is a 4-story, 207,000 square foot facility featuring 507 beds. In addition to residential spaces, various student life spaces, classrooms, seminar spaces, administrative offices, retail, food service, and other support spaces were also included.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was contracted to provide the geotechnical engineering for this project. F&R’s exploration included forty-one conventional soil borings. To better characterize the bedrock profile and the risks of sinkholes, F&R also performed an Electrical Resistivity Imaging Survey. This survey did reveal some karst potential, which was further explored by a series of rock probe borings. Based on the combined results of these explorations, F&R was able to recommend shallow foundation support for the structure, even given the relatively poor site conditions. F&R also participated in value engineering sessions with the contractor and design team to allow the project to stay on budget and move forward to construction.

F&R also provided special inspections and construction materials testing services for the project, including soil compaction testing, footing subgrade inspections, reinforcing steel inspections, concrete testing, structural steel inspection, fireproofing, and roofing inspections.