Kings Dominion Children’s Area Expansion

Kings Dominion revealed an expanded Planet Snoopy, among other new attractions, when the Doswell-based theme park welcomed visitors back for the 2013 season. Formerly on 7 acres near the Eiffel Tower, Planet Snoopy has now doubled in size and boasts 18 rides, including eight new ones, as well as other conveniences.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was contracted by the park to provide construction materials testing activities during the construction of children’s area expansion. The materials were tested as part of F&R’s contract:

Soils/Controlled Fill
Observing proof rolling operations of the ride and sidewalk subgrades prior to and following the placement of structural fill.

Foundation Subgrades
Evaluating the bearing at the bottom of footing excavations prior to the placement of foundation concrete for both shallow and deep foundation systems.

Cast-in-Place Concrete
Sampling structural concrete and performing field tests that include temperature, slump, air content, and the casting of 4” x 8” compressive strength test specimens. Prior to concrete placements for footings and slabs, we observed the reinforcing steel to evaluate compliance with the contract documents.

Structural Steel and Light Gage Metal Framing
Performing field observation related to structural steel, welding and bolted connections.