Laurens County Airport

When the airport determined that it needed to expand its taxiway, it brought Froehling & Robertson, Inc. on board to provide the needed materials testing and geotechnical engineering support. Services provided by F&R on this project included:

  • Field testing and monitoring the placement of compacted fill;
  • Laboratory testing and analysis of in-situ or off-site borrow soils to be used as structural fill;
  • Proofroll evaluations and observations to determine if unsuitable, near-surface soils exist and provide recommendations regarding undercutting or remediation;
  • Performing in-place field density testing of newly-placed structural fill to determine the degree of compaction achieved by the contractor during grading operations and establish compliance with the project plans and specifications;
  • Performing a lime stabilization mix design;
  • Original and supplemental geotechnical investigations; and
  • Providing recommendations for pavement rehabilitation of the taxiway and apron.

F&R also performed an additional geotechnical study for the parallel taxiway, runway connectors and runway safety area. Recommendations were provided for various pavement rehabilitation options such as reclamation and overlay of the existing pavement. F&R also performed materials testing services during the pavement rehabilitation project. The testing services consisted of aggregate base and concrete testing, and monitoring of the apron stabilization with cement modified recycled base course.