Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Library

After completing a subsurface exploration and providing a geotechnical report outlining our analysis and recommendations, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. performed construction materials testing (CMT) and special inspections services during construction of the new 170,000 sf steel framed library building. Specifically, our engineers and special inspectors provided the following services:

Compacted Fill
Continuous monitoring and testing of new compacted fill by nuclear density gauge and proofroll of subgrades prior to, during, and after, placement of fill and base stone.

Laboratory Testing
Collection of soil samples prior to fill placement for laboratory testing (standard Proctor and soil classification) data.

Shallow Foundations
Evaluation of the subgrade soils for shallow foundations for bearing capacity and compliance with the contract documents and the approved geotechnical report.

Geopier Ground Improvement
Monitoring and testing during the installation of the Geopier elements to record elevations, backfill means and methods, and observe load testing.

Cast-in-Place Concrete
Monitoring and testing for the plastic concrete including slump, temperature, air content, and casting of cylinders for compressive strength testing. Inspections of reinforcing steel prior to placement.

Structural Steel
Evaluation of the bolted and welded connections associated with structural steel, joists, and decking.