Macon County Airport

This runway extension project consisted of a 600 foot extension to the existing runway at Macon County Airport. Maximum fill depths were approximately 18 to 20 feet for the extension. Approximately 92,000 cubic yards of fill were required for the runway extension. The initial phase of construction will also require the installation of a 60 inch and 72 inch reinforced concrete pipe along an existing stream bed. The runway construction also included the placement of 3,870 cubic yards of crushed aggregate base course and 2,900 tons of asphalt.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was asked to provide the construction materials testing services that were required for this project. Specific services provided by F&R professionals included:

  • Performing proofroll observations to determine isolated zones of soft soil requiring remediation;
  • Providing on-site engineering guidance for areas that required remediation;
  • Performing modified Proctor tests;
  • Observing placement and compaction of fill soils and performing field density tests;
  • Performing laboratory tests on fill material;
  • Performing field density tests and verifying thickness of placed and compacted aggregate base course (ABC);
  • Performing field density tests on compacted asphalt;
  • Performing plant testing on asphalt during placement; and
  • Performing specific gravity testing on field cores.