MeadWestVaco Landfill No.1

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was retained to test the sludge used to cap Landfill No. 1 at MeadWestVaco’s (MWV) Covington, Virginia facility. Specifically, this program included daily testing of the sludge for moisture content from stockpiles at the Landfill.

The purpose of our involvement on the project was to perform moisture content testing of sludge to determine suitability for use in the capping process for the closure of the landfill. As part of this project, F&R staff:

  • Visited the site approximately every day that work was performed to provide moisture content testing on the stockpiled sludge to be used for landfill capping.
  • Obtained samples as required to perform on site laboratory testing using the microwave method of determining moisture content of soils.
  • Prepared an Excel spread sheet presenting our test results.
  • Assisted in coordinating our services with MWV and contractor personnel.