Myers Park High School

To better accommodate the needs of the School’s students, two new buildings and an expanded parking area on the western side of the Myers Park High School campus were to be constructed.

Over the course of two years, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. three separate geotechnical and subsurface studies of the site to help the designers determine the best dimensions and configuration for the expansion. Each site investigation provided additional information to allow for better evaluation of additional areas within the building and parking lot footprints for the potential for difficult excavation and unsuitable soils. The boring locations were selected with input from the civil site designer, structural designer and F&R. Some of the boring locations are accessible with only our ATV drill rig due to clearance restrictions.

As part of these investigations, F&R drilled numerous soil test borings within the proposed parking area to a depth of approximately 20 feet, several soil test borings within the proposed building locations to a depth of approximately 30 feet, and soil test borings to a depth of 50 feet below existing grades. Standard Penetration Resistances and split-spoon soil samples were obtained in the soil test boring at designated intervals in general compliance with ASTM standards. The Standard Penetration Resistances was evaluated with regard to foundation capacity, soil strength and density, and the split-spoon samples utilized for engineering classification and laboratory testing.

At the completion of the fieldwork, representative soil samples were transported to our Charlotte office for visual/manual classification. We then performed laboratory testing consisting of Atterberg limits, natural water contents, and grain size analysis on representative soil samples.