Naval Surface Warfare Center

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. has provided services to the United States Department of the Navy on numerous projects at the Dahlgren Surface Warfare Center. Recent projects have included:

Cruiser/Destroyer Upgrade Training Expansion
This project consisted of the construction of a 30,000sf, two story addition to the existing 1520 building and a 109 stall parking lot. F&R was retained to provide general descriptions of the subsurface soil conditions at the site, information on shallow foundation recommendations for the building, soil allowable bearing pressures, and information on anticipated settlement, as well as pavement design recommendations based on assumed CBR values.

Physical Fitness Center
Before construction could begin on the new 30,000sf fitness center, F&R was retained to provide a subsurface exploration of the proposed site, perform laboratory testing on the soils present and our geotechnical engineers made recommendations for proposed foundations, site preparation and excavation activities.

Electromagnetic Launch RDT&E Facility
F&R provided the Special Inspections, construction materials testing, and geotechnical engineering services for the new Electromagnetic Launch RDT&E Facility. The project consisted of construction of an addition to Building 1410 to support development of the hypersonic naval railgun weapon. The addition was a preā€engineered metal building to match the existing buildings eave height. The railgun itself required a separate foundation system within Building 1410. This project also included construction of a 200M Terminal Range and a concrete Control Building.