NC Department of Administration Building

F&R provided asbestos project management services for the abatement of asbestos containing materials in the basement of the NC Department of Administration Building. These services were provided in support of repairs to plumbing systems, where ACMs were detected to be present in 750 sf of spray applied fireproofing on structural steel and surrounding plaster areas.

F&R designed an asbestos abatement specification that addressed the materials identified. The specifications defined the Contractor’s scope of work and outlined requirements and procedures that must be followed for the project. With the design approved by the client, F&R was further contracted to provide asbestos abatement (via approved subcontractor), air monitoring, and clearance services.

F&R’s air monitoring services included providing a North Carolina licensed accredited air monitor who acted as the Owner’s Industrial Hygienist (OIH). The OIH observed and monitored the contractor during asbestos and lead abatement work and monitored the abatement contractor’s compliance with state and federal regulations. F&R’s OIH prepared daily site observation reports. Our asbestos inspectors also collected up to 10 Phase Contract Microscopy (PCM) air samples from inside the work area and areas adjacent to the work area per day and submitted them for laboratory analysis.

Once the Contractor completed the abatement work, the OIH performed a final visual assessment and final clearance air sampling. Final clearance transmission electron microscopy (TEM) samples were taken and tested for asbestos. F&R then submitted a written post job submittal report that included our findings, observations and the results of our daily testing and clearances.