North White Street Landfill

Froehling and Robertson, Inc. performed groundwater/surface water sampling, landfill gas monitoring, and monitoring well abandonment actions for this project.

The eight existing groundwater monitoring wells at the landfill were sampled using disposable Teflon bailers pre-cleaned in accordance with EPA recommended procedures. In addition, surface water samples were collected from a creek located south of monitoring wells. In accordance with the NCDENR guidelines, groundwater parameters including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity were measured in the field. Groundwater and surface water samples were collected and analyzed at a NCDENR certified laboratory for organic compounds (EPA Method 8260), and RCRA metals (Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Selenium, Silver and Mercury).

A Landtec TM GEM-2000 infrared portable gas analyzer was used to monitor the landfill gas wells and the existing onsite structure. This analyzer, which was calibrated to methane (CH4), operated using the infrared spectral property of methane to measure concentrations in air. Measurements of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) were also collected.