Panda Stonewall Energy Station

The Panda Stonewall Power facility is a clean natural gas-fueled, 750-megawatt combined-cycle generating station. Once built, the plant is expected to supply the power needs of up to 750,000 homes. F&R is providing materials testing and inspection during construction phases of the plant.

F&R’s services include testing of earthwork, concrete, masonry grout, and bituminous paving, specifically:

  • Field testing of concrete for density, air content and yield per ASTM C-138
  • Field density testing of soil In-situ by nuclear gauge per ASTM D-2922
  • Laboratory testing of soils including Atterberg limits, Proctor, consolidation, permeability and Triaxial shear tests
  • Laboratory testing of cast concrete cylinders for compressive strength
  • Laboratory testing of bituminous paving including spcidic gravity and relative compaction.

Though the project is still in the beginning phases, F&R’s materials testing project team is meeting advances in the schedule and demonstrating our commitment to our client by providing around the clock personnel to conduct overnight testing and observation of concrete pour placements in excess of 1000 – 1800 cubic yards.