Perry Point VA Medical Center

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. conducted a field survey to identify hazardous materials during the renovation of the Perry Point Veterans Affairs Medical Center’s Building 22H. These services included:

Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) Survey
Samples of readily accessible suspect ACM were collected by an EPA Accredited Asbestos Inspector.

Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Screening
F&R provided a State of Maryland Licensed Lead Inspector to analyze painted surfaces for the presence of LBP using a Niton Corporation Model XL-309 X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer.

PCB and Mercury-Containing Equipment Survey
F&R conducted a survey to identify mercury containing switches and light bulbs and potential PCB containing equipment.

Design Services
F&R then prepared a set of hazardous material abatement specifications based on the findings of the hazardous materials survey. The specifications included instructions on the handling and disposal of asbestos-containing material, lead-based paint, and PCB and mercury-containing equipment.

CA Services
Finally, F&R reviewed submittals related to hazardous material abatement and provided an opinion as to whether they are acceptable and noted any deficiencies.