Plasticard Locktech Manufacturing Facilty

Plasticard Locktech International (PLI) produces custom key cards, gift cards and customer loyalty cards. In support of a 35,000 sq. ft. expansion of operations in their Asheville, North Carolina facility, PLI called on F&R to provide a geotechnical investigation to determine the suitability of subsurface materials to withstand the projected loads of the new addition. F&R’s specific services included:

  • A review of available geologic data regarding surface and subsurface characteristics;
  • A subsurface exploration program consisting of soil borings advanced by ATV drill rig;
  • Groundwater levels were recorded through open boreholes to determine recommendations for dewatering and management during construction;
  • Laboratory testing of split spoon soil samples including Atterberg limits, natural moisture content, and sieve analysis, and;
  • Offering preliminary shallow foundation recommendations as well as suggestions for site preparation, floor slab construction, and QA and materials testing programs.

Once construction got underway, F&R was contracted by PLI to continue work, implementing a materials testing program.