Raleigh Remote Operations Facility

F&R recently completed three years of work on the City of Raleigh’s newest operations facility, the Downtown Remote Operation Facility (DROF). F&R’s involvement spanned performing a geotechnical engineering evaluation at the beginning of the project’s design phase through pre-construction phase consulting and an 18-month construction cycle. The DROF includes 12 new buildings encompassing an area of 175,000sf, many acres of heavy duty asphalt and concrete pavement, a network of thousands of feet of segmental retaining walls, and several stormwater management ponds. The 30-acre project site is fully utilized and almost completely covered with structures or pavements that are separated by retaining walls that allow for grade change.

As a result of the site contamination, F&R was required to perform environmental screenings during the Geotechnical Investigation to assess the potential for encountering environmental contamination during construction. In addition, F&R’s CMT staff had environmental awareness training to aid in identifying environmental contamination during construction since previous clean-up efforts by Westinghouse left pockets of contamination throughout the site. Not only was the site contaminated, but previous development, demolition and repurposing left areas that had been filled with significant depths of uncontrolled, poorly compacted fill soil that in some cases contained deleterious materials.

F&R’s role included involvement in these phases: Phase 1) Design-phase Geotechnical Engineering, Phase 2) Pre-Construction Consulting, and Phase 3) Construction Observations, Special Inspections and Materials Testing. This project brought all of F&R’s services to bear and more than twenty staff members were involved including the branch manager, senior engineers, staff engineers, environmental staff, CADD, laboratory technicians, special inspectors and field technicians. The engineers and technicians each put in many hundreds of hours throughout the course of the project.