Richard H. Poff Federal Building

The Richard H. Poff Building comprises both federal office space and courthouse facilities. Froehling & Robertson, Inc., has a long history over the past decade providing services in support of efforts to modernize the structure.

When the building was being evaluated for potential renovations, F&R’s engineers and technicians provided structural steel inspections for portions of the building envelope and visual examinations of welded reinforcing to steel beams and columns in certain areas of the structure. F&R’s efforts also focused attention on the Poff Building parking deck. This portion of the work included Ground Penetrating Radar reinforcing steel location services, concrete and asphalt sample collection, field testing, and laboratory analyses supporting a structural evaluation of the parking deck. Concrete core samples were removed from the deck and subjected to compressive strength testing, and various other laboratory analyses. Laboratory tests included petrographic analyses, chloride ion concentration, and concrete pH. Asphalt cores removed as a part of the sampling process were tested for bulk specific gravity.

Once modernization activities were underway, F&R was retained to provide materials testing and inspections during construction. Our services specifically focused on cast‐in‐place concrete placement, unit masonry, structural steel and steel decking, aluminum framed entrances and storefronts, retaining walls, air barrier membrane installation, roofing, and spray applied fireproofing and acoustical panel ceilings.