SCDOT Dean Swamp Bridge Replacements

This project involved performing all required subsurface investigations and geotechnical engineering associated with the proposed bridge replacements over Dean Swamp, along US-176 near the Berkeley/Orangeburg county line.

Field testing consisted of soil test borings, multi-channel analysis of surface waves, and bulk samples. The soil test borings were advanced using rotary wash drilling techniques to depths of up to 100 feet.

Laboratory testing consisted of:

  • 32 Atterberg limits,
  • 32 natural moisture contents,
  • 28 grain size distributions with wash 200,
  • 4 hydrometer tests,
  • 2 corrosion series (consisting of pH level, sulfate content, chloride content, and soil resistivity level),
  • 4 organic loss contents,
  • 2 standard proctors (laboratory compaction tests), and
  • 2 direct shear tests.