Shamrock Farms

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was contracted by Shamrock Farms to provide geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing activities during the construction activities at the 170,000sf East Coast Manufacturing Facility. Geotechnical challenges included a portion of the structure bearing on rock, with other portions bearing on up to 30 feet of compacted fill. F&R provided multiple bearing capacities for foundation design, depending on the specific soil/rock conditions at each foundation, with the goal of reducing footing size while keeping differential settlements within specified limits. The following construction materials services were provided to support this project:

Soils/Controlled Fill
Observing proof rolling operations of the building, parking, and roadway subgrades prior to and following the placement of structural fill and/or base stone.

Foundation Subgrades
Evaluating the bearing at the bottom of footing excavations prior to the placement of foundation concrete.

Cast-in-Place Concrete
Sampling structural concrete and performing field tests that include temperature, slump, air content, plastic unit weight, and the casting of 4” x 8” compressive strength test specimens. Prior to concrete placements for footings and slabs, we observed the reinforcing steel to evaluate compliance with the contract documents.

Field Observation and testing of masonry materials prior to and during the masonry phase of construction.

Structural Steel and Light Gage Metal Framing
Performing field observation of structural steel components, welding, bolted connections, and steel joists.