Sirius XM Radio Regional HQ

SiriusXM Radio, Inc. houses sensitive data and communication equipment and personnel that are critical to their daily operations at 60 Florida Avenue, NE in the Eckington neighborhood of DC. Adjacent to this property is active construction of a 182 unit condominium building which includes demolition of an existing warehouse and support of excavation for an approximate 50-foot-deep excavation, relocation of utilities and critical communication lines, and underpinning of SiriusXM’s building. Foundation elements undertaken during construction include driven piles and drilled caissons. Pile driving was prohibited immediately adjacent to the SiriusXM building due to vibration concerns. The Sirius XM facility was to remain occupied during this expansive construction endeavor and as such the firm proactively engaged with the construction development team and consultants to assure no disruption in their operations.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provides consultation and monitoring to the SiriusXM and the Structural Engineer during the adjacent construction to aid in assessment of possible impact to SiriusXM’s property. F&R’s monitoring work includes condition assessment surveys, vibration monitoring of the SiriusXM office building including office and data equipment spaces, crack gauge monitoring, and positional survey of the west side of the structure to assess for potential movement or deformation of the structure relative to the adjacent demolition and construction activities. Adjacent construction is anticipated to be completed in 2017.