Teals Mill Road Bridge Replacement

The two bridges on Teals Mill Road which cross the dual spillways at the Teal Millpond in Chesterfield County, SC, have outlived their useful lives. The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) contracted with Dellinger, Inc. to construct a single new bridge with causeway approaches on a straighter alignment to modernize the pond crossing and reduce the weight restrictions. The foundations for the new bridge consist of driven steel piles and precast concrete piles which are configured to construct four bents (supports) for the bridge.

There are several structures adjacent to the project site including the historic Lower Macedonia Baptist Church which was founded in 1840, a private residence, a commercial building and the concrete spillway structures. SCDOT was concerned that ground vibrations from the pile driving during construction of the new bridge could damage the adjacent structures.

F&R’s role was to perform preconstruction condition assessments of the subject structures and monitor the construction-induced vibrations during the pile driving activities. Daily updates were provided to the contractor regarding measured vibrations and assuring no exceedance of the specified SCDOT thresholds. In addition, F&R installed crack monitors on adjacent structures, including the concrete spillway structure.