Tidewater Community College Student Center

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided geotechnical, materials testing, and special inspection services for this centerpiece project on the Tidewater Community College Campus.

The project included a new student center and two utility/mechanical support buildings. Site development also included new access roads and walkways/service drives. The new student center building was a three-story structure of approximately 88,000 square feet. The building was built on a foundation structure supported by 334 driven piles 125 feet below grade situated completely over the water of an existing pond.

Prior to undertaking construction, F&R provided a subsurface exploration and geotechnical evaluation which helped the project designers define the foundation type that would be used.

Once construction began, F&R’s professionals performed the on-call testing and inspection services required for the Owner’s Testing Agency and/or Owner’s Project Inspector for field quality in the areas of:

  • Preliminary Sitework,
  • Deep Foundation Pile Installation,
  • Concrete Construction for Pile Caps and Grade Beams, and
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection Service.

For its work on this project F&R was honored with an Engineering Excellence Grand Award from the ACEC of Virginia.