Towson University Pedestrian Bridge

The project involved erecting a Pedestrian Bridge to cross Osler Drive. The Pedestrian Bridge creates a safe street-crossing for students walking between the main campus and the student apartments. This effort also included construction of a new intersection for entrance to Union Garage from Osler Drive and a retaining wall at Cook Library.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc.’s unique scope of services includes the following features:

  • Observing the complete installation of Caissons for the Osler Pedestrian Bridge from bearing verification to reinforcing steel cage installation to concrete placement. Welding inspections were performed on the bridge as well.
  • Providing soils and asphalt compaction testing for the new Union Garage entrance intersection on Osler, as well as concrete testing services.
  • Testing subgrade material for the retaining wall at Cook library followed by observation of the installation of the keystones for the segmented wall, proper material installation, and soil compaction testing for the material placed behind the retaining wall.