UNC Dental Sciences Building

The UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry wanted to create a new Dental Sciences Building (DSB) that will enable the school to respond to the opportunities of the 21st century in dental education
research. The building enables an expansion of its capacity and allows the school to remain the preeminent dental college in the United States. The new DSB is a five-story, 216,000 square foot structure that is centrally located on the UNC campus. Two existing buildings were located within the footprint of the new DSB and these buildings had to be decommissioned and demolished. The building is of cast-in-place concrete frame construction with cast-in-place-pan-slab concrete floors. The building has a deep basement area that extends up to 20 feet beneath the street level.

After F&R’s industrial hygiene team directed the abatement of hazardous building materials and contamination from its historical laboratory use, our geotechnical engineers performed a subsurface exploration and provided foundation design recommendations for the massive new complex.

Once construction was underway, F&R used an innovative approach of combining the field staff that performs construction materials testing services and special inspection services to reduce redundancy that is inherent in these two similar service lines. F&R staffed the project with one lead technician that has both materials testing and Special inspections certifications to perform both these services. F&R’s lead technician provided all of the required materials testing and special inspections including concrete, reinforcing steel, foundations, structural steel, cold-formed steel, masonry, mortar, grout, and fireproofing.