UNC Pembroke Health Services Building

This new, 11,000sf facility now houses Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services. The two-story, brick and glass structure cost nearly $4 million to build and featured a wealth of energy efficiency elements that allowed it to qualify for LEED certification.

To support this project, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided construction materials testing and special inspections in the areas of:

Earthwork: Evaluated finished subgrades; monitored the installation of deep foundation systems; performed laboratory Proctor compaction tests; and performed in-place field density tests.

Reinforced Concrete: Checked reinforcing steel and placement; checked plastic concrete for temperature, slump and air content; cast concrete cylinders for compressive strength testing; and performed compressive strength testing.

Masonry: Checked proportions of site prepared mortar, construction of mortar joints and location of reinforcement and connectors; verified size and location of structural elements; and Monitored grout placement.

Structural Steel: Verified material of high strength bolts, nuts, and washers; verified material of weld filler; verified qualifications of shop and field welders; inspected welding of structural steel and reinforcing steel; and inspected steel frame joint details.

Stone Base and Pavements: Proofrolled subgrade; performed laboratory compaction test on aggregate base course (ABC) stone; performed in-place field density tests on ABC stone; and performed in-place field density tests on asphalt.