Union Station Parking Garage

As part of the Union Station Track Level Restoration project, concrete beams at the southwest ramp of the Bus Deck level of Union Station Parking Garage required shoring. The shoring was supported on an existing beam spanning the WMATA station lobby. The repair and restoration was performed in phases. Phase 1 included concrete repairs above Amtrak tracks and platform areas. Phases 2 included beam repair at the Amtrak Crew Base Building. Phase 3 included slab repairs for the southwest ramp. Phase 4 included concrete beam and column pair near the Amtrak Dog Kennel Building. Work was completed in 2016.

F&R’s role was to develop a monitoring and contingency plan with input from the Structural Engineer of Record. The overall goal was to assess and monitor the potential impact of the shoring load on the existing beam while the WMATA station lobby remained in active use. F&R provided positional survey monitoring on the slab beam relative to deformation notification and limiting thresholds prescribed by the Structural Engineer. This monitoring was performed prior to demolition to establish a baseline reference, daily throughout demolition and reconstruction to monitor any impact, and weekly through removal of the shoring work. Furthermore, F&R also provided the required inspection and materials testing of cast-in-place concrete, structural steel and reinforcement in support of the repair and restoration work.