UVA Children’s Hospital Battle Building

The Battle Building at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital is a pediatric outpatient healthcare facility. This seven-story, 200,000sf facility houses pediatric primary care, dozens of pediatric specialties, a maternal and fetal medicine clinic, pediatric outpatient rehabilitation services, the teen and young adult health center, outpatient surgery, and a clinical trials suite and clinical research office, all in one central location with immediate proximity to the UVA Medical Center.

For approximately five years, F&R participated as an active member of the project team while providing geotechnical consultation, monitoring services, and third party special inspections and testing. The project was technically challenging due to the site’s confined nature with respect to the adjacent structures, a basement consisting of two levels below grade, a relatively high water table, and immense column loads of up to 1300 kips. The scale and complexity of the project demanded fulltime observations by a staff engineer, around the clock coverage, and teams of up to three technicians onsite at a time. F&R’s coverage lead to the detection of over 300 deficient items that were logged, managed, and eventually corrected to the satisfaction of F&R and the structural engineer.

During the preconstruction phase of the project, F&R provided the project team with the subsurface exploration and geotechnical analysis, and performed an extensive precondition surveying of the six buildings surrounding the site. It should be noted that this preconstruction phase of the project was considered to be confidential by the UVA Foundation, and F&R was given specific instructions not to mention anything about the project if inquired by UVA employees, contractors, local news, etc.