Virginia Tech Pearson and Brodie Halls

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) plans to accommodate an additional 5,000 students by 2023. This is part of the ambitious expansion plan the university has implemented. The accommodation of Virginia Tech’s plans will require additional facilities and/or renovation of preexisting structures. Pearson and Brodie Hall are prime examples of how the university is tackling their most basic need for expansion, student accommodations. These two dormitories are expected to house an additional 1,100 students and achieve the LEED silver certification for new construction. Construction work included demolition of preexisting structures and foundation elements such as drilled aggregate piers. There were a number of adjacency
concerns associated with this. Within the vicinity of the site, Virginia Tech has a nearly 130 year old historical academic building, additional residence halls and an academic building with a foundation consisting of caissons.

F&R provided a number of key services to Virginia Tech. During the demolition phase, F&R conducted asbestos abatement monitoring services. This assured that all activities were being performed in accordance with OSHA and EPA requirements concerning asbestos. In addition to this, F&R carried out CMT and special inspection services prior to and during construction. This work guaranteed assurance that soils, foundational piers, fireproofing, masonry, Cast-in-Place and Pre-Cast concrete all met specified standards. F&R was additionally contracted to address the adjacency concerns during foundation construction and provide geostructural monitoring. F&R developed and executed a monitoring plan. This work verified to the client, Virginia Tech, no instances of exceedance and assured construction had no adverse effect on adjacent structures.