VMI Corps Physical Training Facility Phase I

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided a wealth of engineering services during the construction of this $30 million 205,000sf facility, the structural components of which consisted of drilled shafts with reinforcing concrete, structural masonry load bearing walls, and structural steel framing which included both bolted and welded connections. The project also involved the construction of a new, pre cast vehicular and pedestrian bridge.

During the initial preplanning study phase, F&R undertook a field exploration program consisting of standard penetration test borings drilled into bedrock using rock coring techniques. The purpose of our involvement during this phase was to provide descriptions of the subsurface conditions, as well as preliminary foundation, asphalt pavement, and lateral earth pressure design criteria. Once the project moved into the design phase, F&R performed a more detailed geotechnical exploration.

When the project entered the construction phase, F&R performed all required construction materials testing and special inspections. Specific elements that required testing and inspections included drilled shafts, structural fill placement, cast-in-place concrete, structural load bearing masonry, both architectural and structural precast inspections, anchor embed inspections, sprayed fire resistance material fire proofing, and structural steel inspections.

We also performed full-time roofing inspections in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual.