Wake Tech Building F

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided construction materials testing and special inspections services for the new Building F at the Northern Wake Tech Campus. The project consisted of construction of an 89,000sf, four-story steel frame structure, concrete retaining walls, asphalt and concrete pavements, and installation of underground utilities (storm, sewer, and water). Specific services included:

Special Inspections
Site Retaining Walls.
Cast-In-Place Concrete.
Structural Masonry.
Structural Steel.

CMT Services
Monitoring of site development and grading operations.
Field density testing of structural fill/backfill and pavement base materials.
Evaluating foundation bearing grades for structural foundations.
Field monitoring and testing of ready-mixed concrete.
Floor flatness testing.
Laboratory compressive strength testing of concrete, mortar, and grout specimens.
Pavement construction observation including proofroll observation of subgrade and sub-base materials, density testing, and asphalt pavement coring for thickness measurements and density determinations.