Wegman’s Supermarket – Charlottesville

Wegman’s Food Market built a 140,000sf store as an anchor for a new retail development in Charlottesville. Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was part of this project from the very beginning, providing environmental, geotechnical, and materials testing services throughout.

Early on, F&R provided subsurface investigations and geotechnical engineering insights during the design phase of this project. This site included several challenging features, including an existing pond and stream, as well as a significant amount of topographic relief across the site, requiring up to 50 feet of fill to establish planned grades in the parking lot. F&R provided recommendations regarding settlement monitoring of the deeper fill areas, as well as slope stability recommendations for the 50 foot tall fill slope.

With regard to environmental services, F&R was asked to provide environmental drilling and soil and groundwater sampling because the construction site was located near a former landfill. This
environmental testing was performed before, during, and after the construction was completed.

Finally, once construction began, F&R provided all required construction materials testing. Materials that were tested and inspected over the course of this project included earthwork, foundations, cast-in-place concrete, reinforcing steel, structural steel, masonry, fire resistive materials, and roofing.