York County Landfill

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was retained to perform an investigation regarding a former landfill in York County, Virginia that was proposed for the placement of modular homes. The scope of services rendered included performing soil/vapor sampling to determine if methane vapors were present in the soil/vapor underlying the site and a file review at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

F&R advanced borings for sampling in the areas overlying the former landfill using a hammer drill fitted with a soil vapor probe kit. Each boring allowed for a sampling point to field screen for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and collect the soil vapor samples using mini‚Äźsumma canisters. Borings were field screened and logged using a handheld photoionization detector (PID) which measured volatile vapor in the ambient air of a sample location. Soil vapor samples were collected for analysis at a local laboratory.

Following completion of the fieldwork and sample analysis, a report was prepared detailing pertinent observations and sample analysis results.