The CODE Center (Center of Developing Entrepreneurs) is a new 9-story mixed use building with an iconic architectural design located on the west end of Charlottesville’s historic Downtown Mall. When complete it will consist of office space, an auditorium, retail spaces, co-working spaces, rooftop terraces that provide greenery and outdoor work spaces, and below-grade parking. F&R performed a geotechnical subsurface exploration program and provided geotechnical engineering evaluations and construction recommendations for the new building.

Due to the quality of work we provided during design phases, F&R was awarded the special inspections and materials testing during construction of the 213,000 SF building. These services include continuous inspection of tieback installation, concrete tests and inspections, monitoring and testing of compacted fill materials, subgrade soils evaluations, cast-in-place concrete monitoring, masonry testing, and structural steel special inspections and ultrasonic testing. F&R will also provide periodic inspections for the green roof installation to verify compliance with project documents. This will include inspecting the substrate and the components of the roofing materials as well as the drainage and planting media placed on the roof.

Right now the project is still in infrastructure phases and F&R’s engineers and technicians have completed a large amount of compaction testing for underground utility lines along surrounding street.