The entire country is taken by the tragedy that is befalling us, by  the dehumanizing and unjustifiable killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Their outright murders and the countless evils of recent days are the latest examples of the senseless and hateful acts of racial inequality and injustice in our country.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. extends its heartfelt sympathy and support to the African American community in our nation’s loss.

F&R stands in solidarity with the peaceful protesters, with all those who mourn the dead and march for social justice. We believe in unity and not division. We support responsible law enforcement that protects and serves all communities and all people. Anything less is a breach of its sacred oath and our trust.

As a minority business, a Native American business, we recognize the value of diversity in all people. We also recognize that injustice and hardship have been compounded by the global pandemic and deep economic recession; but while poverty is colorblind, minority communities suffer at a disproportionately higher rate across America.

At F&R, we reaffirm our commitment to recruit and partner with HBCU‘s offering of civil engineering programs. Additionally we will continue to contribute financially to our local community college systems, and to expand our donations to the United Negro College Fund. Those in our family leadership are proud members of the Nakoda Nation and as such, F&R is a charitable supporter of Fort Peck Community College which advances the cause of continued and higher education for the Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of Montana.

While these steps are only a start, we must all vigorously challenge the punitive response to hate by reaffirming our faith in one another. As a company we commit ourselves to a workplace free from harassment, discrimination, sexism and prejudice. We do this as a solid demonstration of our commitments, not just to comply with legal codes, but to seek to fundamentally change our country for the better and to safeguard the dignity of all people.