Froehling & Robertson, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that provides clients with the full range of services, including – but not limited to – our core competencies of construction materials testing and geotechnical and environmental engineering. In support of this mission, F&R maintains a fleet of drilling equipment as well as accredited geotechnical and construction material testing laboratories that are utilized by each of our dozen offices. These offices, which are strategically located throughout the Mid-Atlantic, possess the local resources needed to deliver the quick, efficient, and cost-effective service our clients rightfully demand.

F&R’s full-service approach allows us to effectively manage all phases of a project from the initial site acquisition, through the geotechnical engineering and environmental evaluation phases, and on to construction. To accomplish this, F&R develops a personalized project management plan for each client that addresses all elements of the project, including performance, schedule, manpower utilization, and cost. This plan then forms the blueprint by which F&R can manage each project in-house and from start to finish.