Thank you for your commitment to this project

“Your reports are very detailed and always received in a timely manner. You accommodate our schedule very well and I am very pleased with the services provided by F&R. I look forward to any opportunity to work with you again in the future.”
Brian Sharp, PE
Project Executive, Thalle Construction Company

We Take the Tests, You Get the Credit

We know that our inspectors aren’t exactly the most popular people on a project site. Sometimes we have to tell you things you don’t want to hear. But F&R’s testing and inspection program helps to ensure that your projects meet the requirements put in place by the numerous private, state, local, and federal entities that oversee the nation’s construction industry. In short, your projects have to stand the test of time, safely. And that’s why you need us.

F&R’s full-service materials laboratories hold the applicable industry accreditations, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our testing services. (Full accreditation information is available upon request.) These laboratories ensure that your project timelines and budgets will not be disrupted by subcontract mobilization or laboratory delays.

Our combination of individual skills and companywide technological capability allows F&R to seamlessly integrate our personnel with the other members of your construction team. Our ability to quickly and accurately test the quality of your concrete, soil, asphalt, steel, masonry, and other materials will allow you to proceed with confidence.

It’s OK with us if you wish you didn’t need us – we can live with that. But since you do, in fact, require accurate and thorough construction testing in order to protect people and property, why not bring to bear the century of experience that F&R can offer your projects?

We also specialize in:

  • Concrete and asphalt mix designs
  • Concrete plant inspections
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Pavement investigations
  • Petrographic examinations
  • Ultrasonic and radiographic inspections

Making the Grade

Soils and Earthwork

Support of Excavation Systems

Foundations and Geopiers

Cast-in-Place Concrete

Reinforcing Steel


Structural Steel and Non-Destructive Testing


Waterproofing Systems


Spray Applied Fireproofing

better. faster. smarter.

With innovative tools in place such as SpectraQest to standardize laboratory results and report customization, used by field staff equipped with tablets and smart phones, F&R ensures speedy delivery of accurate and targeted reporting, keeping your projects on the right track to completion.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Know your project inside and out.

If you are preparing to drill, cut, or core into concrete, asphalt, or subsurface soils it’s always good to be prepared for what might lie underneath. F&R’s Ground Penetrating Radar professionals can help you minimize potential risk and cost by giving you unique insight into the hidden challenges of your project before it starts.

Fast and accurate, GPR is 100% safe and non-destructive allowing you to keep your work site open and your project on schedule. F&R’s GPR units are completely portable and require only one technician for operation, causing minimal disruption to ongoing activities. Furthermore, imaging results are displayed in real time – giving you the data you need to make decisions instantly and allowing us the opportunity to quickly scan large areas per day, and thus saving you time and money…Don’t let potential problems fly under the radar!