After having a life span of 81 years, the Franklin Road Bridge was beyond repair and in need of replacing. F&R was contracted to provide construction materials testing (CMT) and special inspections for the replacement bridge. The old bridge was demolished and the replacement bridge now contains a flatter grade, sidewalks and bike lanes.

The F&R team of engineers and special inspectors provided the following services:

H-Pile Installation: F&R provided observations of the installation of the steel H-piles for the abutments and retaining walls.

Drilled Shaft Installation: F&R provided observations of the installation of drilled shafts for the interior piers.

Cast-in-Place Concrete: F&R provided monitoring and testing for the plastic concrete including slump, temperature, air content, and casting of cylinders for compressive strength testing.

Compacted Fill: F&R provided continuous monitoring and testing of new compacted fill by nuclear density gauge and observed proof rolls of subgrades prior to, during, and after, placement of fill and base stone.

Asphalt Paving: F&R provided observations and field testing for the new asphalt pavements in general accordance with the project plans and specifications.

Structural Steel: F&R provided evaluations of the bolted and welded connections associated with the new structural steel, joists, and decking.