what’s so special about special inspections?

Here’s the simple answer: Inspections and tests related to construction materials and construction methods on all applicable projects as defined in section 1705 of Chapter 17, Special Inspections and Tests of the International Building Code (IBC). Got that?

The thing is, Special Inspections aren’t that simple. They are closely related to Construction Materials Testing (CMT)…you could say they are CMT on steroids and they are required for certain types of engineered structures. Bottom Line?  Practically all engineered building projects require special inspections save those exceptions listed in IBC such as residential construction, greenhouses, barns and agri-buildings and other light or small construction projects. So, if you are building anything but a single family home, a tool shed or a stable it is likely that you’ll need special inspections. If you need a refresher, you can find one of our Speaking in Code Back to Basics articles here.

F&R has performed Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections on tens of
thousands of projects throughout the mid-Atlantic area since opening our doors and this experience has led us to successfully integrate both disciplines to reduce redundancies in inspections and testing, but still maintain close contact and coordination with the project team. Our team provides the inspections on all the materials needed to receive your shiny stamped Statement of Special Inspections. These include soils, concrete, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing and more.

Furthermore, F&R has been providing (special inspection) code training classes and programs since the inception of the 2000 International Building Code (IBC). Actually, we were training our field inspectors and laboratory staff on the finer points of Special Inspections before they were even a thing in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.  We even train the competition (not that they’d admit it)!

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