AISI S240 Cold-Formed steel structural framing code

All jurisdictions that have adopted IBC 2018 must implement the brand new AISI S240-15 standard, “North American Standard For Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing,” which stipulates minimum inspection and testing requirements for cold-formed steel structural framing. The AISI S240-15 requires that quality assurance (QA) agencies have a written plan to address procedures for the selection of inspection personnel, training, experience, and exam requirements for the qualification and certification of inspectors. Similarly, S240 requires that the installer have a designated quality control inspector (QCI) who shall be qualified in accordance with the component manufacturer or installer’s quality control program. S240 is new and has been adopted by IBC 2018.

The S240 standard has a Chapter D, “Quality Control and Quality Assurance,” that defines inspection and testing requirements for cold-formed steel. The S240 Chapter D is much like the AISC 360 (Steel Specifications) Chapter N in that it provides 14 tables that stipulate specific minimum inspection tasks. Tables set forth minimum requirements for inspection prior to, during, and after welding and offers the same type of tables for inspection tasks prior to, during, and after mechanical fastening. S240 Chapter D also includes inspection tables for lateral force-resisting systems. S240 depends on the key words observe and perform, just like the AISC 360 Chapter N does to indicate the extent of inspections (random and each item, respectively).

For many states, the grace period is over, and cold-formed steel framing must now be erected in accordance with the new S240 standard. The comprehensive S240 standard was formed by merging AISI standards S200, S210, S211, S212, S213 and S214. S240 supersedes all of these previous individual standards. There are two other notable reference codes adopted by IBC 2018: AISC 341-16, “Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings,” and AISI S400-16, “Seismic Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Systems.” Wipe the dust off of S240 – it’s time to implement those 14 new inspection tables.

AISC S 240-15 Chapter D, “Quality Control & Quality Assurance”
Section D1.1 Chapter D provides minimum requirements for quality control, component manufacturing, and installation for cold-formed steel light-frame construction. Minimum observation and inspection tasks deemed necessary to ensure quality cold-formed steel light frame construction are specified.

Section D6.5.3 The quality assurance inspector shall perform verifications and inspections, as applicable, to verify compliance with the construction documents and this Standard. Inspection tasks shall be in accordance with Tables D6.5-1 and D6.5-2.

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