Post-Installed Anchors in Concrete and ACI 355.4

The International Building Code (IBC) Table 1705.3 requires continuous special inspections on post- installed adhesive concrete anchors when installed horizontally or upwardly inclined (see narrative box at the bottom of page). ACI 318 (Concrete Code) Section also requires continuous special inspections for these post-installed anchors.

Section of ACI 318 also invokes ACI 355.4, “Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete,” and Chapter 3 of the ACI 318 code lists ACI 355.4 as a reference standard. Chapter 13 of ACI 355.4 addresses quality control and quality assurance requirements for post-installed adhesive anchors. ACI 355.4 Section R13.3.1 states, “… A distinction is made between continuous special inspection and periodic special inspection. In the context of anchor installation, continuous special inspection is generally understood to mean that the inspector is present for EACH anchor installation.”

ACI 355.4 SECTION 13.3 – SPECIAL INSPECTION The special inspector shall observe all aspects of the anchor installation with the exception of holes drilled in the absence of the special inspector, provided the special inspector examines the drill bits used for the drilling and verifies the hole sizes. As a minimum, verify the following items:

  1. Hole drilling method according to the Manufacturer’s Printed Installation Instructions (MPII)
  2. Anchor edge distance and spacing
  3. Hole diameter and depth
  4. Hole cleaning in accordance with the MPII
  5. Anchor element type, material, diameter and length
  6. Adhesive identification and expiration date
  7. Adhesive installation in accordance with the MPII

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