March 29, 2022

Special inspection and testing reports are often pretty simple, but they can sometimes be very complex, composed of many numbers and other data that are not easy for all the potential readers of the report to understand. Because of this, Section 1704.2.4 of the IBC code stipulates that all special inspection reports shall indicate that work inspected or tested was or was not in conformance with approved construction documents. In other words, the registered design professional (RDP) should not have to wonder if the inspections and data on the report is in compliance or not after reviewing the report. Compliance or noncompliance should be clearly noted on every report.

Section 1704.2.4 also requires that the special inspection agency issue a final report that documents the required special inspections and tests and the corrections of any discrepancies noted during the construction phases of the project. The CODE requires that this final report be submitted to the building official indicating that all special inspections have been provided and all discrepancies have been addressed to show compliance with applicable code requirements. The CODE also requires that the building official issue the certificate of occupancy (CO) only after receipt of the special inspections final report. One of the primary responsibilities of the special inspector and one of the most difficult tasks is to make certain that all outstanding discrepancies are resolved prior to the issuance of the final report.

In summary, it is the responsibility of the special inspector to document and submit inspection records to the building official and the registered design professional in responsible charge of the project.

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