Open-web steel joists, joist girders and the ibc code

The purpose of IBC, Chapter 17, Section 1705.2.3 is to require special inspections of particular aspects of the installation of open web steel joists and joist girders; Included is a brand new Table 1705.2.3 which offers a tabular format of steel joist special inspections at the project site and lists specific types of special inspections, whether the inspections are continuous or periodic as well as reference standards.

The inference of the reference standard column of Table 1705.2.3 to Section 2207.1* is to IBC Chapter 22, “Steel”, section 2207.1, steel joists.

The standard “Steel Joist Institute” (SJI) specifications for open web steel joists, joist girders and composite steel joists merely contain provisions for inspections by the manufacturer before shipment to verify compliance with the requirements of the SJI specifications. Because their structural design is sufficiently complex to warrant inspection by a person with the expertise of a special inspector, requirements for inspecting the INSTALLATION of steel joist and girders are given in Table 1705.2.3.

Requiring special inspections for the bearing seat attachments and bridging attachments of open web steel joists and joist girder installation reflects the complexity of the structural designs and the importance of these installation requirements.

IBC CODE – Chapter 17. Open-web steel joist and joist girders. Special Inspections of open-web steel joists and joist girders in buildings, structures and portions thereof shall be in accordance with Table 1705.2.3.

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