Statement of special inspections guide

According to IBC 2015

Our very own Code Emperor, Mr. Alan Tuck, has put together a definitive guide on Statements of Special Inspections according to IBC 2015. This is a handy reference for whatever CODE afflictions might ail you. You can download the Guide below, but first, we have a little fine print we must get out of the way…

This “Statement of Special Inspections Guide” contains the interpretations and opinions of the author and is intended to be a general guide for individuals who are responsible for preparing the STATEMENT OF SPECAL INSPECTIONS required by the International Building Code (IBC), section 1704. This document is simply a guide and should not be considered complete or be used as a stand-alone document that is incorporated into the contract documents. A thorough review of the code requirements set forth by IBC and IBC reference codes and standards should be performed by the Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge prior to developing a project specific STATEMENT OF SPECIAL INSPECTIONS. The author of this document is not liable or responsible for any errors or omissions that may be found within this document.

But Wait, We Have a Lot More to Say!

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