E. Glenn Hargrove, CIH, PG, CHMM, CSP

Master of Acronyms, Glenn Hargove’s professional career began in the manufacturing industry while living in Prescott, Arizona where he developed a fascination and love for geology. So much so that at the age of 29 he returned to college to pursue a degree in the field. Upon graduation with his BS in Geology and after some time pursuing a Master’s degree, oil hit an all time low of less than $10.00 a barrel in the summer of 1986 placing most geologists in the unemployment lines. It was at this time that Glenn applied his optical mineralogical skills at microscopy to analyzing bulk samples for asbestos. From there his career as an industrial hygienist was born, although he has retained his passion for geology and from time to time has even been able to wear the geologist hat during work related projects.

Glenn has always been motivated to continually progress within the field of environmental consulting. While living and working with a small firm in Blacksburg, Virginia from 1990 to 2000 he was licensed in all of the asbestos disciplines and was also a state approved trainer for asbestos classes. Upon re-locating to Florida in 2001 he continued his pursuit of relevant licensing and accreditations to include Professional Geologist, Licensed Asbestos Consultant, Licensed Mold Assessor, and Licensed Radon Measurement Specialist. Within recent years Glenn has continued a pursuit of higher accreditation culminating in being accredited as a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional.

As much as Glenn loves his profession, currently he would just as soon be creating works of art with his new found passion of pour-painting. Or on the trail or a road cut looking for fossils or minerals. However, Glenn is very happy with his new found role with F&R and enjoys the challenge of industrial hygiene and the special relationships that form between him and clients.

Glenn is closely involved with assisting clients with industrial hygiene strategies to determine employee exposure to a variety of chemical and physical agents. This support includes evaluation of client work processes, monitoring of workplace stressors, evaluation of analytical results for personal and/or ambient air monitoring, and recommendations for response actions to include engineering and administrative controls and personal protective equipment.