Paul Bryan, PE

Growing up, Paul Bryan couldn’t pass a construction site without wanting to get up on the big equipment and see the view from on high. On occasion, and before OSHA was present, it actually happened in the late evening at new home sites in the neighborhood after the workers had departed. Later on, the fascination turned to even bigger objects; bridges and roller coasters. On more than one occasion he used these as his topic for a science fair or research study in his honors physics classes. Coupling these technical interests with the love of the outdoors that he garnered on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout, it was obvious to all around that Paul was destined to become an engineer.

While pursuing his degree in civil engineering at VMI, Paul interned with F&R during two summer breaks as an engineering technician where he worked in both concrete and soils by providing laboratory and field testing. After graduation, he came on board as a full time staff engineer and managed testing and IBC special inspections for public and private sector projects. During the first few years though, Paul could not resist the opportunity to do more than just the day-to-day engineering duties, so he began interacting with clients and prospective clients on a non-technical level.

Paul was never the typical, introverted engineer. As a boy, he went door to door to sell popcorn and peanuts to raise money for the Boy Scouts, was voted “Friendliest Male” by his high school class, and in college he led a student public relations staff that interacted regularly with visitors, elected officials, and the media. We should have known that in addition to the love for the technical side of the business, he was also the right fit for business development. So in 2008 Paul became the Business Development Manager for F&R’s Roanoke branch.

The new position came with a baptism by fire as his arrival was followed one month later by the global financial collapse and the effects were felt far and wide by the engineering and construction community. Not one to back down from a challenge, Paul dug in and assisted the office to find new client relationships to sustain the business level. As a result of his efforts, Paul was recognized as F&R’s Business Development Professional of the Year three times in a seven year period. Due to his dedication to the entire client nurturing process he has since taken on direction of business development activities for our entire company and now oversees clients and prospects from Maryland to South Carolina.