Roy Lindland

There’s a big difference between “getting it” and “getting it done”, the way Roy sees it. For more than 25 years Roy has helped companies be more efficient, hit budget numbers and increase teamwork … he’s helped companies get it done.

Teamwork gets it done, and Roy boosts knowledge, coordination and action that puts that kind of culture to work. “People depend on each other for success,” says Roy. It is a value he learned in his time playing soccer, basketball and volleyball, and coaching those sports for years.

It is an F&R trait, and you will feel it when you meet Roy: Service is a spark, a catalytic sense of possibilities for your company. Work done very well. A genuine interest in success. An attitude of sharing and learning. Lessons-learned from hundreds of projects, focused now on your company.

Roy has been a business ambassador for the Charlotte Chamber and with the Charlotte Regional Partnership for more than 20 years. He attracts companies to the Charlotte Region by listening and problem-solving: Who do they need to know? What skills help them succeed? What plant and office needs get them up-and-running? He gets that done. “I love to see people grow their businesses.”

Roy is also an avid amateur photographer, and projects can be a lot like photographs. From years behind the camera he knows the patience, sense of composition, being in the right place and an eye for detail that makes a good picture. He gets the shot; Roy gets it done.