Stephanie Golembeski

An eight year F&R veteran with a vast background in environmental due diligence services, Stephanie Golembeski most recently served as Project Manager for our Richmond Environmental Group, a role at which she excelled and provided unwavering focus on the needs of F&R’s clients. Her “seller-doer” approach, technical knowledge and understanding of all of our core services and how they complement each other made her a natural for a Business Development role. Results oriented and 100% client focused, Stephanie loves a challenge and will move heaven and earth to solve the problems and eliminate the roadblocks experienced by F&R’s clients.

More than just selling, Stephanie prides herself on being a “connector”. It is more important to her to help fellow business developers and industry professionals be successful than to simply make a sale – it’s the relationship that she values above all else. And Stephanie’s experience from the project management side – in which she was instrumental in the process transforming run down places into usable and cool spaces – has given her an appreciation for the entire property development cycle and the various ways in which F&R’s work can be significant within it.

An engaged and active Richmond resident for more than 20 years (and proud Randolph-Macon alumnus), Stephanie has a knack for understanding the culture, network and overall vibe that ticks in the heart of our beloved community.