The University of Virginia, in association with the University of Virginia Foundation outlined a process for developing a longterm strategy for redeveloping 14.5 acres of land west of the intersection of Ivy Road (U.S. 250 and Emmet Street /U.S. 29). At the juncture of two U.S. highways, this parcel of land is a significant entry to the University Grounds as well as a critical link between North Grounds, Arts Grounds and Central Grounds. The land was inhabited by numerous structures including the Cavalier Inn Hotel, UVA’s Outdoor Recreation Center, various other smaller structures and associated parking.

F&R’s involvement in the project was twofold. As current holders of the on-call term contract for geotechnical services, our team was requested to provide two preliminary studies: a geotechnical subsurface investigation and a Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment due to the past presence of an on site gas station with underground storage tanks and a history of at least one DEQ violation. F&R’s environmental group conducted soil and groundwater testing in the area to determine the best course of action and if any remedial activities should be pursued. The F&R geotechnical team mobilized to the site to conduct a subsurface exploration and field testing prior to a laboratory testing program. Once analysis was complete our geotechnical engineers prepared a report outlining their preliminary findings and recommendations for further study and foundation and site preparation based on approximate proposed development. The Corridor is still in planning stages, with the Cavalier Inn since decommissioned and demolished.