Pavement reconstruction projects are a bit of a lost area of expertise. Too often, engineers and designers simply remove failed sections and install new pavements without regard to future pavement performance and/or recycling of existing sections. On this project, F&R not only gathered relevant information on the existing section, but also collaborated with the Project Engineer to recommend the most economical pavement types for individual sections of the project.

F&R performed a pavement evaluation and subsurface investigation in taxiway and apron areas. The airport primarily serves General Aviation aircraft. However, given the recent extension of the main runway (also an F&R project), improvements to the pavements were needed to accommodate larger and heavier aircraft.

F&R observed and documented the current pavement distresses, obtained core samples of the pavement, performed borings to observe subgrade conditions, and provided preliminary recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement alternatives. Our preliminary recommendations were discussed with the owner’s representatives to determine the most feasible and cost-effective means of pavement rehabilitation that still accommodated the owner’s future requirements.

As a result of our excellent work, F&R was the awarded an additional project to evaluate the main runway pavement structure at the airport where F&R served as the project’s Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing Firm.