How do you construct a 28-story tower in the middle of the busiest intersection in Northern Virginia? How do you do it without causing damage to surrounding structures, most notably the brand new yet-to-open Reston Town Center metro station? VERY carefully.

To that end, F&R was contracted to provide preconstruction surveys, exterior vibration monitoring and support of excavation inclinometer monitoring during the construction of a high-rise tower at Reston Gateway. The construction called for five below grade levels (a massive 887,000 sf parking structure) with excavation depths of approximately 55 feet below the existing grade. Blasting was required to reach these proposed excavation depths and due to the excavation taking place very close to VDOT roads and the proximity of the adjacent buildings and structures of importance, preconstruction surveys were required per the VDOT permit requirements. F&R was also requested to review the VDOT comments and aid in general monitoring plan development and submittals to VDOT.