The old General Assembly Building was demolished with sections of the original 1912 facade preserved and restored, and incorporated into the new building design. The new home of the Commonwealth’s General Assembly is currently under construction and is projected to be complete by 2021.

The new General Assembly Building will house the individual offices of the 140 members of the General Assembly (State Senate and House of Delegates) and their legislative staff, committee rooms, public
meeting rooms, food service areas, and other administrative and support spaces.

F&R’s geotechnical team provided a subsurface exploration which was performed into two phases; an investigation with preliminary recommendations and design criteria in a preliminary report, and the final investigation with final recommendations and design criteria submitted in a final report. The geotechnical investigation consisted of nine soil test borings, soil classifications, and laboratory testing of soils. F&R is onsite currently performing an extensive number of materials testing and special inspections services throughout the course of this project. Testing and inspection services are performed on soils, cast-in-place concrete, structural steel, spray-applied fireproofing, masonry, and precast concrete.